The structural capacity of the arches depends on the building’s intended use (low risk or not), snow loads and the winds in the location where the building will be built.

All tubes have a minimum of 50,000 psi yield strength and 55,000 psi ultimate tensile strength as their mechanical properties.

The clear-span double-trussed structure has no central beam, maximizing the interior space. PERMODOME buildings are available in widths of 25 to 160 feet. Their height and length are customized to your requirements. They are extendable, with no overall length limit. See brochures below

Standard protective coating for steel

The tubes are coated with a minimum of ½ inch per square foot (150 grams per square metre) of zinc and aluminum. Plates and weld fabricated steel nodes are mechanically cleaned according to the SSPC-SP3 procedure or blast cleaned following the SSPC-SP5 procedure and coated with a high-performance anti-corrosive primer with aluminum pigments.

Plates and nodes structures of walls are welded with stainless steel.

Other coatings are available upon request:

  • Superior protection by zinc spray metallizing (99.9% pure zinc coating)
  • Ultimate protection by hot-dip galvanizing (all welded parts are made of black steel and hot-dip galvanized following CAN/CSA G164-M92).

Please contact us for further information.

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The fabric is made in Canada and is a tightly woven polyethylene that resists tearing, inclement weather, UV rays and abrasion caused by wind and sand. The interior side of the fabric is white and allows natural light to filter through, reducing energy costs. Colour inserts may be added to customize its appearance. It is stretched to the perfect resistance level, ensuring an optimal degree of tension over the frame. Fire-retardant fabric is also available. This product complies with CSA-S367. More types of fabric are available upon request. See brochures below.

IPG-RU88X-6-400 CSA S367 ENG

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IPG-RU88X-6(FR)-400 CSA S367 ENG

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All building plans are submitted to an independent engineering firm for certification of adherence with Canada’s National Building Code. Each building is designed to customized construction specifications. For example, the distance between the frame’s arches varies according to the weight of snow the structure may have to support. This factor will result in different designs for structures in Baie-Comeau, Quebec City or Montréal.

Our company’s other standards include CWB certification to W47.1 Division II.


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