Entreposage XTown, Mirabel

When we decided that we needed a 50,000 sq. ft. dome, we took a good look at what the industry had to offer. We ended up choosing Les industries Permo because their quality-price ratio was by far the best on the market, and their turnaround time the fastest we found. We were pleased to see that the company stayed true to its commitment. The installation went without a hitch, even though it was during a particularly frigid winter. We didn’t need the after-sales service much, but it proved to be flawless.

Our PERMODOME is now five years old, and it has turned out to be of the highest quality. We’re really satisfied with our choice. If anyone wants to see it, they’re welcome to come and take a look!

Hugues Guénette – www.entreposagextown.ca

Victoriaville’s Airport

We’re a group of ten pilot-owners in Victoriaville who started to search the market for a shelter for our airplanes. As we didn’t see the need to spend $100,000 to $180,000 on an insulated and heated hangar, we decided to look at a more economical solution: fabric hangars.

After interacting with a number of suppliers in Canada and the U.S., we chose Les industries Permo in Beloeil, which offered us the best quality-price ratio. A few phone calls and two visits later, we were convinced that we had made the right decision.

We were in constant contact with the company during the manufacturing process and as they laid the foundation and built the structure. The company’s builders, who are obviously very experienced, made the whole process a joint project with us from start to finish.

Today 10 planes are being sheltered in five hangars in Victoriaville, and 10 owners sleep well knowing their planes are out of the elements. Thanks, Permo!

René Brochu – Victoriaville’ Airport